Hug Podcast

A new, story-driven podcast from the creators of Good Life Project® designed to wrap you in a weekly "audio hug" that reminds you just how good people can be.

Launching Spring 2021

Life can be tough, especially now.

Everywhere we turn, we’re inundated with divisiveness, hatred, and fear. The news feels like fiction, our devices feel like they deliver one anxiety-inducing notification after another.

The Hug is a haven from all of that.

In a world of us vs. them, The Hug is a reminder that we are, all, human. And that, when we remember this fundamental truth and get face-to-face with each other, some truly beautiful things can happen.

Every week, you’ll hear stories told in first-person, sharing experiences where a little bit of kindness, a little bit of sweetness and, just maybe, a little bit of lightness and laughter, touched into their lives, and reminded them how good people can be. We all need a little of that right now.

The Hug is our love to humanity, a feel-good audio-hug at a time we all need the arms of story and generosity-of-spirit wrapped around us more than ever.

So join us. As you are, right now. Hurting or hopeful, we’re here with you.

Be on the Podcast!

Do you have a story you’d like  to share on The Hug? We’re always looking for powerful stories about moments or experiences that reconnected you with the goodness and kindness in people.

It doesn’t have to be anything particularly epic, in fact, the most compelling stories often revolve around simple, short-and-sweet moments of magic found in the mundane. As long as your story is true, honest, and you can tell it well, we’d love to hear it.

Here’s how you submit your story for consideration:

Take a minute to think through your story, and think about how you’d tell it in a nutshell. Maybe jot a few key points down to get your thoughts in order. Please no cliffhangers or teasers. We need the setup, the moment or experience and what happened/reflection. Stories can be up to 12 minutes in length.

Record your story using your desktop or mobile device (ipad or phone), voice-recorder or anything else that will let you record your mini-story in audio format (preferably mp3). Just find the app on your device. It’s super simple, but if it’s your first time, this guide should help walk you through on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Once you have a recording you feel good about, email it to On a desktop, just attach it to your email. Most mobile device apps will let you email it straight from the voice-recorder app.
AND, be sure to include the following in your email:

Email Subject: Hug story submission
First and last name
Mini-description of story
(5 sentence max, no exceptions)

Tel #

Once we receive your submission, you’ll get a confirmation email. If your story is selected you will hear from us within 3 weeks. Please know that if your submission is not selected for the podcast it is not a judgment about you or the quality of your story, it’s simply not quite the right fit for the stories we are putting together at the moment.

Get in touch!

If you’d like to get in touch with us about something OTHER THAN A STORY SUBMISSION — comments, gratitude, silliness, partnerships, collaborations, etc. — feel free to reach out using the below form.